Conference: Romanticism, Environment, Crisis

Announcing a conference: "Romanticism, Environment, Crisis," 23-27 June 2006, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. The conference highlights the continuing urgency of the Romantic text at a time when changes in our biosphere threaten to realize Romanticism's prophetic anxieties, its darkest imaginings.

Plenary Speakers: Lawrence Buell, Cheryll Glotfelty, James C. McKusick, George Monbiot, Kate Soper.

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New at RC for the New Year

New resources this month at Romantic Circles include Shelley Sites/Sights, a pictorial essay of locations associated with Shelley, Fictions of Byron: An Annotated Bibliography, edited by G. Todd Davis, and two new volumes in the Praxis Series, Gothic Technologies, edited by Robert Miles, and Historicizing Romantic Sexuality, edited by Richard Sha.

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Poets on Poets: Sadoff reading Blake; Byron MS found

This week, after a short holiday, Romantic Circles' Poets on Poets series publishes Ira Sadoff reading Blake's "London." (Also available via free subscription as a podcast.)

"A librarian at University College London has discovered a previously unknown manuscript version of a poem by Lord Byron during a routine cataloguing session. The 12-line poem was inscribed in the front of a copy of an 1810 edition of The Pleasures of Memory by Samuel Rogers, which had been given to the poet by the author."

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MLA poster sessions

At this year's MLA convention in Washington DC, the Committee on Information Technology is sponsoring a session on tools for electronic scholarship to be held on Thursday, December 29th from 12:00-1:15 pm in Delaware Suite A at the Marriott. Co-organized by Michael Groden and Kenneth Price, the panel is entitled "New Technologies of Literary Scholarly Investigation." It will be structured as an electronic poster session, with five or six presenters stationed at computers around the room demonstrating their projects and speaking informally to whoever stops by.

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Poets on Poets: Drucker reading Byron (and podcast)

This week's Poets on Poets MP3 archive features Johanna Drucker reading Byron's "Stanzas to [Augusta]." A reminder: weekly updates are now available as a podcast, via Apple's iTunes, iPodder, or any other "podcatcher" program. (See the instructions on the page.)

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Poets on Poets: Fanny Howe reading Bronte (and podcast)

This week's Poets on Poets MP3 archive features Fanny Howe reading Bronte's "No Coward Soul is Mine."

Now you can subscribe to Poets on Poets as a podcast. Just look for the "RSS Podcast" button on the home page and copy the link into your podcast aggregator or player (such as iTunes) in order to receive automated updates with new postings every week.

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