CFP: "The British Periodical Text, 1796-1832"

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Centre for Romantic Studies, University of Bristol

Plenary Speakers: Gregory Dart (University College London), John Strachan
(University of Sunderland), Tim Webb (University of Bristol)

A one-and-a-half-day conference organized by the Department of English, taking place in Bristol on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th September, 2006.

"Is there no stopping the eternal wheels of the Press for half a century or two, till the nation recover its senses? Must we magazine it and review [it] at this sickening rate for ever? Shall we never again read to be amused? but to judge, to criticise, to talk about it and about it": "Lepus" (Charles Lamb), "Readers Against the Grain," The New Times (January, 1825).

We welcome papers discussing any aspect of magazine publication during a period marked by a highly prolific, competitive, and innovative milieu.

Subjects could include: the city, the country, and the periodical; modes and uses of advertising; the general cultural status of the periodical; juxtapositions of worded and visual texts; cartoons and satire; travel writing and foreign correspondence; the commercial and other implications of technological innovation; inter-periodical rivalries and disputes; reporting the war; the periodical and reform; sport and leisure and the periodical; the critical issues surrounding periodical texts later revised for book-publication.

Proposals for 20-minute papers are now invited, from new scholars and established academics alike. These proposals should take the form of a title and 200-word abstract and should be submitted electronically to Simon Hull at: in the body of an email or as an attachment in .doc format. Please include institutional affiliation and position in the body of the text.

Deadline for submission: 30 June, 2006

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