Georgetown Theatre Company's The Offensive

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The Georgetown Theatre Company presents a staged reading of THE OFFENSIVE: A timely comic variation on Lord Byron’s Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice

By R. L. Nesvet
Directed by Catherine Aselford

Friday, 19th November, 2004, 7.30 p.m.
Grace Church, Georgetown
1041 Wisconsin Ave., NW (South of M St.)
Washington, D.C.

It’s 1355, and the Venetian Senate has just refused to punish with the death penalty a graffiti artist who has insulted the honour of Doge Marino Faliero, the recently elected leader of the Republic. The Doge decides to ‘get justice’—by assassinating the Senators and establishing a dictatorship, with himself as Prince. All the Doge needs to accomplish “leader stabilization, regime change” is “backup,” but the only backup available is “the Conspiracy,” whose objective is to depose HIM. Can the Doge turn this terrorist cell into respectable “Patriots” overnight, without setting off the jewel of the Republic’s defence system -- the mysterious Ratapult?

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