Keats-Shelley Association mentoring project

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The Keats-Shelley Association of America announces the inauguration of a three-year Mentoring Project. This project is designed to aid younger members of the profession in the crucial early stages of their careers by increasing the exchange of scholarly expertise and practical professional information between junior and senior scholars. If a senior scholar (who has earned tenure) would like to be a mentor (for one protégé), he or she should notify the Mentoring Committee, outlining briefly for us his or her range of scholarly or professional areas of expertise (e.g., Charlotte Smith, grant writing). Junior scholars who have earned the Ph.D. but not yet received tenure can request a mentor by describing their own scholarly interests and professional concerns. In March, the Mentoring Committee of the KSAA will match prospective mentors with prospective protégés. Mentors and protégés commit to one year of conversation (vocal, written, and/or electronic).

A fuller description can be found on the Keats-Shelley Association Website:

If you would like to participate, or have questions, contact Jeanne Moskal:

The Keats-Shelley Association Mentoring Committee
Jeanne Moskal (chair)
Alan Richardson
Gina Luria Walker

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