NCSA Emerging Scholars Award

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The work of emerging scholars represents the promise and long-term future of interdisciplinary scholarship in 19th-century studies. In recognition of the excellent publications of this constituency of emerging scholars, the Nineteenth Century Studies Association (NCSA) announces the creation of the Emerging Scholars Award.

This award recognizes an outstanding article or essay published within five years of the author's doctorate. Entries can be from any discipline focusing on any aspect of the long 19th century (the French Revolution to World War I), must be published in English or be accompanied by an English translation, and must be by a single author.

The winner will receive $500 to be presented at the following annual meeting of the NCSA. Prize recipients need not be members of the NCSA, but are encouraged to attend the conference to receive the award.
Entrants must be within five years of having received a doctorate or other terminal professional degree, and must have less than seven years of experience either in an academic career, or as a post-terminal-degree independent scholar or practicing professional.

Articles published in any scholarly journals, including on-line journals, or in edited volumes of essays are eligible.

Articles submitted to the NCSA Article Prize are ineligible for the Emerging Scholars Award.

Only articles physically published between September 1, 2006 and August 31, 2007 (even if the citation date of the journal is different) are eligible for the 2008 Emerging Scholar Award.

Submission Process
An article can be submitted by an author or by the publisher or editor of a journal or essay collection.

In any given year, an applicant may submit more than one article for this award.

The winning article will be selected by a committee representing diverse disciplines.

Send three off-prints or photocopies to: Professor Maria K. Bachman, Department of English, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC 29528-6054; e-mail

DEADLINE: Postmarked November 2, 2007.

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