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Romantic Circles is delighted to announce the release of Poets on Poets, a major new audio archive devoted to gathering recordings of Romantic-period poems read by contemporary poets. The inaugural readings, just released, include Robert Pinsky reciting Keats's "Ode to a Nightingale." as well as other recitations you can see below. In the preface to the archive, Jerome McGann reflects upon "Recitation Considered as a Fine Art."

New readings will be added weekly, podcast-style, with over 100 forthcoming recordings by poets including Rae Armantrout, Lyn Heninian, Stephen McCaffery, Ira Sadoff, Rachel Blau Du Plessis, Charles Bernstein, Stanley Plumly, Molly Peacock, Cleopatra Mathis, and Rod Mengham.

We invite you to visit Poets on Poets and download the sound file into your iPod or MP3 player, or use the files on your classroom. For more information about forthcoming readings/readers or to listen to the recordings just released, visit the Editions section of Romantic Circles.

Steve Jones and Neil Fraistat

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