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New York

Archive of Comparative Romanticism Sessions at Modern Language Association Annual Conventions (1990- )

Romantic Studies at the MLA, 1990-
Comparative Romanticism Division Sessions

1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998


Gender and Genre

Division on Comparative Studies in Romanticism and the Nineteenth Century. Presiding: Cynthia Chase, Cornell Univ.

1. "Mourning, Masochism, and Mothers: Felicia Hemans on the Origins of Poetry," Carol Barash, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick
2. "'As I Am a Man': The Structures and Stakes of Masculinity in 'The Thorn,'" Philip Barrish, Cornell Univ.

Romanticism and Anti-Semitism: Texts, Contexts, Criticism


American Conference on Romanticism 1994 Conference Program

American Conference on Romanticism
Annual Meetings, 1994-1998

Note: The formatting of the following program follows the original. We have made only minor changes throughout, correcting obvious errors and making some listings more uniform to facilitate electronic searching.

American Conference on Romanticism

1st Annual Meeting

The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania

October 14-16, 1994

The Penn State Scanticon Conference Center Hotel

Conference Organizer:

Ray Fleming,
Pennsylvania State University


Korsemeyer, "Tastes and Pleasures"

Despite the prominence of the metaphor of taste in the development of aesthetics, philosophers routinely exclude literal taste from aesthetic theory. This essay investigates the concepts of gustatory and aesthetic pleasure, looking especially at Brillat-Savarin's Physiology of Taste, to interrogate the commonalities and differences between the two sorts of taste. This essay appears in _Romantic Gastronomies_, a volume of _Romantic Circles Praxis Series_, prepared exclusively for Romantic Circles (http://www.rc.umd.edu/), University of Maryland.


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