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April, 2000
Introduction to this Hypertext


The hypertext edition of Poems (1773) by Anna Lætitia Aikin (later Barbauld) reproduces a copy courtesy of the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, University of Alberta in Edmonton. It presents a faithful color facsimile of the first edition and text versions of the poems. While scholars wishing to consult the first edition may access the text, the facsimile also provides a means to introduce students to material aspects of book production and is intended to make the physical book have a reality and a bearing upon the experience of reading the poems. The edition is part of an ongoing collaborative venture on the part of an academic who is interested in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century British women writers, and a graduate student with much experience in Web design.



April, 2000

The text of Anna Barbauld's Poems (1773) used in this hypertext edition was scanned from a copy of the first edition in the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. Thanks to Special Collections librarians John Charles and Jeannine Green for permission to use the text and for their help and encouragement. The text for "Observations on Female Literature in General" is courtesy Rutherford Library, University of Alberta.

Daniel White, University of Puget Sound, generously provided a link to his bibliography of works by and about Barbauld. Other sources are credited locally. Any other materials are in the public domain or are reprinted only in limited fair-use portions (credited locally).


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