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Fictional Representations of Romantics

August, 2002
A hypertextual list of novels, short stories, plays, films, and other fictional representations of historical Romantic figures, this resource began with a query to NASSR-L about the Romantics in science fiction; it includes a hyperlinked and annotated bibliography.

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"Teaching a Sheep to Talk"

Teaching a Sheep to Talk: The Spiritual Education of Romanticism, by Walter Reed

  1. I offer this essay sheepishly, as a somewhat bleating departure from the categories of the political and the aesthetic currently guiding our discipline. Romanticists may be still smarting from the snide remark of T. E.


This essay introduces the special issue "Legacies of Paul de Man." It argues that, more than twenty years after his death, de Man remains a haunting presence in the American academy. A ghost who has never quite been laid to rest, and whose name still possesses conjuring power, de Man continues symbolically to embody an aspect of "theory" that resists easy routinization. Routinely taken to personify routinized academic "deconstruction," de Man routinely becomes an irritant in excess of the obsessions he inspires. His legacy, therefore, remains ongoing and uncertain, yet also massive and unavoidable.
May 2005


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