Note: Geneva

October, 1997


Geneva is located between the Jura mountain range and the Alps, on Lake Geneva. It was annexed to France from 1798-1813, and was in Mary Shelley's day associated with sublime natural beauty as well as the radical French intellectuals, Voltaire and Rousseau. The Shelleys with Claire Clairmont, Byron, and his physician, Polidori, spent the summer of 1816 near there, in the Swiss village of Cologny, where their famous conversations at the Villa Diodati led to Mary Shelley's composition of Frankenstein.


Balfour, "Afterthoughts on the Sublime and Education; or, 'Teachable Moments?'"

This essay provides a commentary on and critique of the other essays in the volume. It tracks the claims of the several essays with attention to the status of the examples adduced and the give and take between examples and theoretical paradigms. There is also some consideration of the historical continuities and discontinuities of the theory and the productions of the sublime. This essay appears in _The Sublime and Education_, a volume of _Romantic Circles Praxis Series_, prepared exclusively for Romantic Circles (, University of Maryland


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