Romantic Antiquarianism

Featuring essays by leading art historians, literary scholars, and historians of antiquarianism, this volume sheds new light on Romanticism's material and visual cultures. Romantic Antiquarianism reveals the important role that antiquarian discourses and practices played in shaping neoclassicism, the sublime, and other major concepts of the Romantic period. Edited and introduced by Noah Heringman and Crystal B. Lake, with essays by Martin Myrone, Jonathan Sachs, Thora Brylowe, Rosemary Hill, Timothy Campbell, Ina Ferris, & Sam Smiles, and a response by Jonah Siegel.

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June, 2014


1815.3 - "Moscow From Koerner's Poems"

September, 2004

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From Koerner's Poems

“C. Redding”
[Cyrus Redding][1]
The Morning Chronicle (January 30, 1815)

Stately thy domes arose,—lofty and vast,
    Thy golden palaces once glittered bright,
    The eye was ravish'd with the dazzling sight,
From splendor, on to splendor hurrying fast.


1815.2 - "Petition for a New War!"

September, 2004

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Petition for a New War!
The Champion (January 29, 1815)

The following is a minute of proceedings,
Speeches, replies, resolutions, and pleadings,
Deliver'd at a meeting of various contractors,
Underwriters, newsmen, corn dealers, factors,
And others concern'd in the horrid ruination,
Which a GENERAL PEACE must infallibly occasion.



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