William Blake and Pedagogy

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July, 2016

The present Romantic Circles Pedagogies volume intervenes in the notion that pedagogy is of a secondary concern to Blake scholars by showing how William Blake’s work can invigorate the classroom.  Contributors use Blake’s inspiration to create new teaching methodologies, propose new assignments, engage new public audiences, and critically explore the emergence of new technological modalities.  Famously difficult, Blake nevertheless constructs crucial dialogues in fields from the digital humanities to manuscript history and affect theory.  This volume shows how teachers can take advantage of his holistic approach to pedagogy—his insistence that teaching is entangled with every part of our lives—to contest standard approaches to Blake in the literature classroom.

Sharon Ruston - Creating Romanticism: Case Studies in the Literature, Science, and Medicine of the 1790s. Review by Travis Chi Wing Lau

Ruston, Sharon. Creating Romanticism: Case Studies in the Literature, Science, and Medicine of the 1790s (New York: Palgrave, 2013). 232 pp. 218. (Hdbk., $90.00, ISBN 9781137264299).

Travis Chi Wing Lau

University of Pennsylvania

About this Edition

About This Edition

This electronic edition makes available the works of the mostly unknown late-eighteenth-century poet and teacher Catherine Upton, including The Siege of Gibraltar (1781), an epistolary prose narrative, and Miscellaneous Pieces (1784), a



1.        Biographical information about Catherine Upton is scarce. Her maiden name may have been Creswell; her brother Samuel Creswell was a tory who died in 1786 of a cold. Her husband, John Upton, was a lieutenant in the 72 or Manchester Regiment. [1] 


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