Preface to the Keepsake of 1829: Transcription

October, 1998

Preface to the Keepsake of 1829: Transcription


   In presenting another volume of the Keepsake 
to the public, it may, perhaps, be deemed necessary 
to make a few general observations. 
   The universal approbation which the embellish- 
ments of the previous number excited, and its un- 
precedented sale, have determined the Proprietor to  


"Verses" by L.E.L.: Transcription

October, 1998


Lady, thy face is very beautiful,
A calm and stately beauty:  thy dark hair
Hangs as the passing winds paid homage there;
And gems, such gems as only princes cull
From earth's rich veins, are round thy neck and arm;
Ivory, with just one touch of colour warm;
And thy white robe floats queen-like, suiting well
A shape such as in ancient pictures dwell!
   If thou hadst lived in that old haunted time,
When sovereign Beauty was a thing sublime,
For which knights went to battle, and her glove



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