The Siege of Gibraltar and Miscellaneous Pieces

June, 2017

This electronic edition makes available the works of the mostly unknown late-eighteenth-century poet and teacher Catherine Upton, including The Siege of Gibraltar (1781), an epistolary prose narrative, and Miscellaneous Pieces (1784), a collection of poetry and prose. These two works appear to represent the whole of Upton’s small oeuvre, and they contribute to both the body of Romantic-era women’s poetry and, more specifically, to the body of women’s writing about war.





10 for “fog smoke-white,” read “fog-smoke white.”

18 “those,” read “these.”

50 Omit the comma after “loveth well.”

140 after “clanking hour,” place a comma.

202 omit the sixth line from the bottom,
“And the low copses coming from the trees.”


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