'Essays in Romanticism' and 'Byron Journal' content free during April

Jonathan Branney of the Liverpool University Press recently posted an announcement to the NASSR listserv that two its Romanticism-related publications, Essays in Romanticism and the Byron Journal are free to access during the month of April. Below is the complete announcement:
Liverpool University Press is one of the UK’s oldest scholarly publishers and one of its youngest, being both 115 years old and 10 years old in April 2014.

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Marilyn Butler Book of Condolences

Dennis Low has posted a "Book of Condolences" on the recent passing of Marilyn Butler. Low, a former student of Butler's, is inviting folks to post their own remembrances and condolences on the site. He has also collected all the comments folks have made on the NASSR listserv since her passing.

The site is available here: http://marilynbutler.weebly.com/.

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In Memory of Marilyn Butler

The Guardian has posted a rememberance of Marilyn Butler, who died recently.

The first paragraph reads,

Marilyn Butler, who has died aged 77, was one of the leading scholars of Romanticism of her generation. She perhaps did more than any other academic of recent decades to return Romantic literature to the boisterous history out of which it grew. Her books and editions established her reputation among fellow scholars, but were also read with pleasure by students. In person as well as in print she was wonderfully accessible.

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NASSR/Romantic Circles 2nd Annual Pedagogy Contest: Deadline April 2nd

Just a brief reminder and encouragement to submit materials to this year's NASSR/Romantic Circles Pedagogy Contest.

The contest was started at last year's NASSR Conference as a way of encouraging and highlighting the many teaching innovations occurring in our field. The finalists' panel at the conference yielded a rich and helpful conversation about Romantic pedagogy.

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New at Romantic Circles Praxis: An Interview with Anne Mellor

Romantic Circles is pleased to announce the publication of a new volume in the Romantic Circles Praxis series, An Interview with Anne Mellor, conducted and edited by Roxanne Eberle:


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New Mary Shelley letters uncovered

BBC news has reported the discovery of a cache of previously unknown letters by Mary Shelley. The find came while Professor Nora Crook of Anglia Ruskin University was researching the holdings of a public records office in Essex, UK. The discovery of the letters, addressed to Horace Smith and his daughter Eliza, was quite by accident, according to Crook. A brief extract from the BBC article explains Crook's account of the find:

"I had an idea that an anonymous review of a book by Miss Crumpe might be by Mary Shelley."

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Welcome to Romantic Circles 2.0!

Welcome to our completely redesigned and redeveloped website!

We hope you can spend some time with the new site and offer us any feedback you may have. With a database infrastructure undergirded by basic premises of the Semantic Web, the new design offers new ways to explore our expansive content, collected over Romantic Circles’ 17 years. New features include content recommendation, mapping, streaming audio, usage statistics, image galleries and slideshows, and categorized taxonomies that allow users to navigate in customizable ways. On the front page you'll see a slideshow of the newest resources. A sidebar on the left shows media offerings--audio recommendations and a rage could based on the new taxonomy keyword system. In the right sidebar, statistics reveal, for example, the most popular pages searches. A news feed collects blog posts from several relevant blogs (including our own), and a list of CFPs on Romanticism culled and aggregated from U. Penn’s “Calls for Papers” site. Along bottom of the front page is a portal to a brand new section of the site, the Romantic Circles Gallery, edited by Theresa M. Kelley and Richard C. Sha.

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Repetitions of the Romantic: An Investigation into Romantic and Post-Romantic Art

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November, 2013

"English 4575: Repetitions of the Romantic: An Investigation into Romantic and Post-Romantic Art"

Professor D.B. Ruderman
Ohio State University, Newark




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