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Thomas Pfau, Wordsworth's Profession: Form, Class, and the Logic of Early Romantic Cultural Production and John Rieder, Wordsworth's Counterrevolutionary Turn: Community, Virtue, and Vision in the 1790s. Reviews
Gillen D'Arcy Wood, The Shock of the Real: Romanticism and Visual Culture, 1760–1860 Reviews
"Staging the 18th-Century Prostitute for the 21st-Century: A Dramaturgical Approach to Teaching Cowley’s The Belle’s Stratagem" Teaching Romantic Drama Pedagogies
Unlocking Language: Self-Similarity in Blake’s Jerusalem Romanticism and Complexity Praxis Series
Letter 2 New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn Electronic Editions
Nobody: A Comedy in Two Acts Nobody: A Comedy in Two Acts Electronic Editions
Thoughts in Prison / Imprisoned Thoughts Thoughts in Prison Electronic Editions
Portrait of Mary Robinson by Joshua Reynolds Letter to the Women of England Electronic Editions
ART. III. Anecdotes of Painters who have resided or been born in England; with Critical Remarks on their Productions; by Edward Edwards, deceased, late Teacher of Perspective, and Associate in the Royal Academy; intended as a Continuation to the Anecdotes Quarterly Review Electronic Texts Scholarly Resources
ART. XI. An Essay on Medals; or an Introduction to the Knowledge of Ancient and Modern Coins and Medals, especially those of Greece, Rome, and Britain. By John Pinkerton, the third edition, with corrections and additions. pp. 887. Two volumes, 8vo. London Quarterly Review Electronic Texts Scholarly Resources