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American Conference on Romanticism 1994 Conference Program

American Conference on Romanticism
Annual Meetings, 1994-1998

Note: The formatting of the following program follows the original. We have made only minor changes throughout, correcting obvious errors and making some listings more uniform to facilitate electronic searching.

American Conference on Romanticism

1st Annual Meeting

The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania

October 14-16, 1994

The Penn State Scanticon Conference Center Hotel

Conference Organizer:

Ray Fleming,
Pennsylvania State University


Pace, "Wordsworth, the Lyrical Ballads, and Literary and Social Reform in Nineteenth-Century America"

The "Honourable Characteristic of Poetry":
Two Hundred Years of Lyrical Ballads

Wordsworth, the Lyrical Ballads, and Literary and
Social Reform in Nineteenth-Century America

Joel Pace, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

November 1999

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This essay introduces the Romantic-period political reformer and polymath John Thelwall and takes stock of his rapid critical renaissance over the past decade. The announcement of a new archival find, a copy of a seventeenth-century play owned and annotated by Thelwall, serves to highlight the range of his interests and activities. Presenting Thelwall as a leading representative of “romantic sociability,” I situate him within wider social and intellectual networks than have hitherto been mapped, and I raise questions about the coherence and continuity of his diverse pursuits—literary, political, and scientific—that demand further attention. My brief overview of the essays collected here emphasizes how they address those questions, engaging with one another, with existing Thelwall scholarship, and with Romantic studies more generally. This introduction also sets forth the rationale for the volume as part of the larger project John Thelwall: Recovery and Reassessments (forthcoming) and explains why Romantic Circles is an especially appropriate venue for that project’s efforts to advance Thelwall studies by reconnecting text, voice, and image in the dynamic way for which Thelwall himself was renowned.
September 2011

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John Thelwall and Association

John Thelwall’s elocutionary career has frequently been understood as a renunciation of his revolutionary politics. This essay questions such an assessment. I argue that once we understand the associationist model of mind that guides both Thelwall’s elocutionary work and his political philosophy, we see that throughout his career Thelwall was pursuing a common end: strengthening associations in the minds that inhabited, and created, the public sphere.
September 2011

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September, 2009



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