The Collected Letters of Robert Southey

College Green, Bristol

The home of Southey’s aunt, Elizabeth Tyler. He spent several years of his childhood living there and often returned in 1792-1794. In October 1794 Miss Tyler threw Southey out of the house when she learned of his relationship with Edith Fricker and involvement in Pantisocracy.

Cintra [Sintra]

Town in Portugal. Southey’s uncle, Herbert Hill, kept a summer home there. Southey visited the house in June–October 1800, calling it ‘a spot the most delightful I have ever yet known’.

Christ Church

Town, just along the coast from Burton, Hampshire. Southey stayed there briefly in June 1797 and again in October 1799, while supervising renovations to the house he was renting at Burton.


Village in Hampshire, where Southey stayed in June–September 1797. He returned in October–November 1799 and rented a house found for him by his friend Charles Biddlecombe.


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