Obi Melodrama: Act II, Scene 6

Transcript of the scene

SCENE VI.—A wild and rocky dell. Stage half dark.

(Music.—JACK hastily descends the rock, dragging ROSA after him, R.U.E.)

JACK. The pursuit is vain. In these wild glens,—old nature's fortresses, which they fear to penetrate, I breathe again; and now, weak girl, the last moment of your life is come.

ROSA. You know me, then?

JACK. As Orford fell, one word escaped him—'twas joy, 'twas triumph! for it told me I had within my power the only child of the detested Ormond.

Obi Melodrama: Act II, Scene 4

A transcript of the scene

JACK. Behold you future residence. (she starts.) What? You like it not? The masonry is somewhat rugged, I confess; and the tangling weeds form but a sorry tapestry—but it has one proud charm—(takes down ladder.) security! Your white man, I am told, can soar into the air, fathom the deep, ransack the mine, and enslave in every clime where his accursed arts find access. Here, here alone, no white man finds an entrance, but as Karfa's slave.

Obi Melodrama: Act II, Scene 3

A transcript of the scene

SCENE III.—A rocky passage, leading to Jack's cave. First Grooves. Stage dark.

(Music.—Enter ROSA, L.H., followed by JACK, at some distance.)

ROSA. I know not what impulse 'tis that leads me within this dreary cavern; yet twice methought a groan sounded faintly on my ear. Oh, Orford! should this be the abode of Karfa!

Obi Melodrama: Act I, Scene 3

Transcript of the scene

SCENE III.—Interior of OBI WOMAN's hut. A fire—a bench before it having figure—covered with a white cloth on it. Wand for OBI WOMAN—charms, and a handful of feathers in OBI WOMAN's wallet. The fire under an iron pot, suspended by three sticks as in Guy Mannering.

OBI WOMAN discovered, sitting near fire, forming an Obi. After performing several incantations, she speaks.

Obi Melodrama: Act I, Scene 2

Transcript of the scene

SCENE II.—A room in the planter's house.

(Enter KITTY, R.H., followed by TUCKEY.)

TUCKEY. Come, my pretty maid, be brisk; Mr. Ormond and the captain intend to go out shooting for a few hours, so fly and bid the servants prepare.

KITTY. Fly, indeed! Quite free and easy. Pray, where did you learn to forget the difference between black and white, my dingy spark?

Obi Melodrama: Act I, Scene 1

Transcript of the scene

OVERSEER. Ay! they can shout loud enough now, though but a moment ago, the very name of Obi and Three-fingered jack struck them as dumb as—

ORMOND. I charge you name not that murderous villain in my presence; you awaken recollections which pain, which agonize me.

OVERSEER. Dear sir, your pardon, I knew not—

Obi Pantomime: Act II, Scene 8

A description of the action on stage

As the Procession comes down in the centre of the Stage, they divide in the front; and march up R. and L. wings, range themselves up the sides in the order they came on, so as to admit of the truck on which Tuckey, Quashee, and Sam are brought on to be placed in the centre of the Stage—in front of which is placed Jack's head and hand. The truck is surrounded by the Boys with lanterns, and Dancing Negroes with bells.




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