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The Letters of Robert Bloomfield and His Circle, Edited By Tim Fulford and Lynda Pratt

118. Robert Bloomfield to the Editor of The Monthly Mirror, 4 December 1803* 


It is too late in the day for me to study trigonometry, but having lately admired a practitioner in that way, I send you my thoughts on the architect. Perhaps, had I endeavoured to alter the form of my memorandums from what they appear in my book, I should only have got rid of one fault,—a homespun way of telling a story,—without gaining an equivalent. If you should find it worthy of insertion, or any naturalist find himself inclined to set me right where I am wrong, I should feel greatly obliged to both.

Yours, Sir, truly,

Rob. Bloomfield.

Dec. 4, 1803. [1] 

* The Monthly Mirror, 17 (January 1804), 9 BACK

[1] There follows Bloomfield's memoranda 'Remarks on the Garden Spider', 14 and 20 August and 9 September 1801, reprinted in Remains, II, pp. 54–59. A concluding set of memoranda was published the following month (81–84). For the text of these see here. BACK

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