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The Letters of Robert Bloomfield and His Circle, Edited By Tim Fulford and Lynda Pratt

15. Capel Lofft to Robert Bloomfield, after November 1798* 


It is truly a rural Poem, more so than any with which I am acquainted in our language; except Allan Ramsay's Gentle Shepherd, [1]  and Burns' Poems. [2] 

* Published in 1809, p. xxxi BACK

[1] Allan Ramsay's The Gentle Shepherd, A Scots Pastoral Comedy (Edinburgh, 1725) was a highly popular drama, including several songs, credited with creating a local and vernacular form of the pastoral ideal—and thus a model for Bloomfield. BACK

[2] Robert Burns was a hero of Bloomfield's, as his subsequent letters and verse imitations show. See Letters 23, 32, 35 and 36. BACK

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September 2009