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The Letters of Robert Bloomfield and His Circle, Edited By Tim Fulford and Lynda Pratt

17. Robert Bloomfield to Elizabeth Glover, 3 October [1799]* 

Fetter Lane

Oct 3

Dearest Mother

Rejoice with me — mr Capell Lofft as taken me in hand, & my poor Poems will see the light of day. O happy time — thank the Giver!

Dearest Mother — I trust I shall be abel to do you some Good, pleas God. If I can assist you with some comforts my soul will rejoice.

When my Book is publishe'd I will come to you and embrace you. Until then — with best love to all — not forgetting Mrs Eliots and the rest — Heaven bless them. believe me,

Your own son

Robert Bloomfield

* BL Add. MS 70949, f. 203 (copy) BACK

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