37. Robert Bloomfield, memorandum, diary entries keeping records of sales personally made, visitors (including George Dyer), 12-17 September [1800]

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The Letters of Robert Bloomfield and His Circle, Edited By Tim Fulford and Lynda Pratt

37. Robert Bloomfield, memorandum, diary entries keeping records of sales personally made, visitors (including George Dyer), 12–17 September [1800]* 

3d Edition published


Friday Sept 12th Carried 4 copies to Mr Granville Sharp Garden Court, Temple: price 16s, gave me a guinea and paid for one to be sent by me to Dr Hays of passly Northamtonshire. A gentleman call'd at Mr Sharps while I was there, took one copy, gave half a guinea for it.————
Saturday Mr & Mrs Hatch call'd Mrs Hatch is sister to Mr Lofft — soon after calld Mr Granville Sharp talkd a long time on the application of the prophysy to the present and coming time never heard a parson talk with half the learning and half the conviction, he is bo[letters cut off] to the Law and I believe practice it now; he says the Gentleman at his house yesterday when I was there is br[letters cut off] to Lord (I forget who and member of parliament for Northamton town.———
Sunday As last Sunday I dined in company with Mr Dyer at Mr A. Robinson's Blackfriars road, so this day I found it convenient to accept of Mr & Mrs Barbauld's invitation to dine with them some Sunday at Hamstead; had a pleasant walk, found Mr & Mrs Barbauld were gone to Dorking and would not be home till Tuesday. I therefore dined and took tea with Mr Hood and family, the publisher of my book who has a house there during the summer season———
Monday Sent a parcel of 6 books to Mrs Prowse'sWicken park, in northamtonshire — send a parcel and letter to Thos Grant Esq, Towcester, including a book and a letter. to the duke of Grafton 3 books and 2 letters besides — delivered a book and letter to mr Naylor of Great Newport Street——
Tuesday No interruption. was at work all day.———
Wednesday In the morning a gentleman from Sawbridge calld and bought a large packet of Herb tobacco from Mr Barrett who had promised it one evening last week when I spent an hour or two with him at the Bull Inn Bishopgate. Mr Barrett is a linen draper at Cambridge and claims relationship, having some expectations from the will of Robt Manby of Thetford his son in law Mr Ind of Cambridge calld on me the preceeding week. — Received a letter from Mr Lofft, took it to Mr Hood to communicate an order it containd.

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 454 BACK

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