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The Letters of Robert Bloomfield and His Circle, Edited By Tim Fulford and Lynda Pratt

391. Joseph Weston to Thomas Inskip [? 22 June 1824] * 



As the old and intimate friend of the late Robert Bloomfield, the poet, I beg to ask you whether, during your long and intimate acquaintance, you ever heard him say

Firstly. That he actually took his manuscript of the Farmer's Boy to the editor of the Monthly Magazine.

2ndly. That said editor advised him not waste his time in writing poetry.

3rdly. That said editor advised him to consult Mr. Capel Lofft, and gave him a letter of introduction to that gentleman.

4thy. That said editor advised him to 'stick to his last, &c.' which last phrase he, Robert Bloomfield, is accused of having often 'quoted with indignation in the heyday of his subsequent popularity.'

Did you, sir, ever hear him mention these circumstances, or express any resentful feeling at the alleged insult?

A short and early reply in very plain terms will oblige, &c.

Joseph Weston

A similar copy sent to Mr. Park, at Hampstead.

Address: Mr. T. Inskip, / Shefford.

* Remains, II, pp. 205–6 BACK

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