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The Letters of Robert Bloomfield and His Circle, Edited By Tim Fulford and Lynda Pratt

8. Robert Bloomfield to an unidentified bookseller [? William Lane], 21 June 1798* 

To Mr. **********

June 21, 1798


If the Poem now left in your hands, containing something less than fifteen hundred lines, should be fortunate enough to gain an hour of your leisure, you can then judge whether it is in itself worthy of publication; or, what is perhaps more to the point, whether there is any probability of its repaying you, Sir, or myself, the expense of publication. What that expense would be I know not; therefore can form no judgement by myself without further information. All I can say is, that I could wish it to be printed, if it were possible to have it done. If I hear nothing on these heads, I shall conclude that the little piece is unworthy your notice, and shall take care that it be called for again.

With great respect, &c.

Rob Bloomfield

14 Bell Alley, Coleman Street

* BL Add. MS 28266, f. 87 (copy); published in 1809, as accompanying the Farmer's Boy MS, pp. xxiv–xxv, mis-dated 1795 BACK

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