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The Political House that Jack Built, Edited by Kyle Grimes

The Political House that Jack Built


Developing a scholarly edition is inevitably a collaborative effort; developing a hypertext edition is, if anything, even more collaborative.  It is, of course, impossible to mention all the people--from librarians, archivists, and computer gurus to departmental secretaries and administrators--who have had some hand in shaping the electronic Political House.  Still, a few persons deserve special notice.   First thanks go to the editors of the Romantic Circles web site--Neil Fraistat, who suggested the project, Steve Jones and Donald Reiman who have offered helpful comments on the project as it developed, and especially Matt Kirschenbaum whose facility with hypertext is matched only by his patience in helping a not-very-astute beginner.  Catherine Tousignant of Virginia's IATH was instrumental in procuring the Cruikshank images that make up an integral part of the text. Here in Birmingham I have been the beneficiary of many acts of generosity from Ted Benditt, Peggy Jolly, LeLand Person, Meg Walburn, and James Lee Griner--all of whom have helped more than they know.  And finally, my thanks go to my friend and companion Deanna Calvert and her "astonishing patience"--a phrase that will make her smile.

Published @ RC

March 1998