Note: Advertisement for The Sybil's Leaves

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The Last Man, Edited by Steven E. Jones

[advert. appearing in The Athenaeum, no. 2, 9 Jan. 1828, p. 31]


This Day is Published, a new and improved Edition, in a neat Case, embellished with a Design by Cruickshank, price (4s. 6d.) plain, or (5s.) gilt-edged.

THE SYBIL'S LEAVES; or, a Peep into Futurity: consisting of a Pack of Fifty-two Cards, on which are described, (in Prophetic verse), the various accidents and changes incidental to the several conditions, whether of wife, widow, spinster, bachelor, Benedict, or other subdivision in the scale of life; the whole being rendered particularly available for the purpose of information as to the future, combined with much present entertainment. Various useful admonitory hints are likewise occasionally interspersed. To be continued annually.

Published by R. Ackermann, Strand.

Published @ RC

October 1997