Note: Game Laws

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The Last Man, Edited by Steven E. Jones

from P.B. Shelley, "On the Game Laws" (1817) (from Oxford edn.)

If a doubt is ever excited in our minds as to whether the Assembly does or does not provide for the welfare of the community as well as any Assembly more legally constituted, we need only consider the legislative provisions in force in this country for the preservation of Game to set in its clearest point of view, the despotism which is exercised by an oligarchical minority amongst us. . . . the laws which are in force for the preservation of Game will admit of no excuse, and bring home to this assembly, a charge of corrupting the taste and morals, sacrifizing the lives, imprisoning the persons, and trampling upon the property of the inhabitants of this same country; and that with the barefaced insolence of power, without deigning even to alledge the remotest pretext of general good, in order that they may indulge themselves in a barbarous and bloody sport, from which every enlightened and amiable mind shrinks in abhorrence and disgust.

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October 1997