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Romantic Circles Electronic Editions offers a searchable archive of texts of the Romantic era, enhanced by technology made possible in an online environment. Each edition is based on the highest scholarly standards and is peer-reviewed.

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March 2009
The Collected Letters of Robert Southey

Robert Southey was one of the best-known, controversial and innovative writers in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Britain. Based upon extensive new archival research, this Collected edition makes available for the first time all his surviving letters, freshly edited, annotated and introduced.
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March 2008
The Fall of Robespierre | 1794

This edition provides an annotated text of the play, supplemented by a wide range of literary and journalistic materials that offer contexts in which to understand the work's place in relation to the authors' politics, the transmission and reception of news, and the role of Robespierre within English political culture.
Edited by:
December 2007
New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn

A collection of 46 letters published in full for the first time, shedding new light on the life and character of Charles Brown and the most important friendship in the Keats Circle, as well as Keats’s complex legacy to his friends.
August 2007
The Brides' Tragedy

This edition presents both the full text and relevant contexts of the play, including a comprehensive introduction and extensive notes by the editor, two of the sources of the play, and four contemporary reviews.
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October 2006
The Temple of Nature | 1803

The first fully annotated edition of Erasmus Darwin's influential scientific poem and its copious original notes; including the first publication, from draft, of Darwin's hitherto unknown poetic history of technology, The Progress of Society.
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January 2005
Wondrous Tale of Alroy

This early novel, first published in 1833, represents Disraeli in "romantic mode." This version features the novel, an introduction, annotations, reprints of Disraeli's sources, contemporary reviews, & modern criticism, as well as a detailed bibliography of Disraeli's life and works, criticism, & other contextual materials.
Edited by:
September 2004
British War Poetry in the Age of Romanticism |
1793 to 1815

An electronic edition of Bennett's collection of 350 poems highlighting the complex attitudes to the wars of the period. Includes Bennett's original introduction & a new bibliography of poems not included in the original edition.
Edited by:
August 2004
Wat Tyler | 1817,1835,1850,1860

An electronic edition of Robert Southey's poem based on the peasants' rebellion of 1381. This edition provides contextual background on the poem's embattled publication and partisan reception.
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January 2004
The Sceptic; A Poem: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue

This edition places Hemans in direct contention with Byron over belief in an afterlife. Includes letters, reviews, poems & critical essays that probe the work for its engagements with Byron, allusions to topics of the day, & negotiation of gender.
November 2003
The Oceanides |
1832 to 1833

This edition situates the poem sequence within Jewsbury's life and career, including a prose account of her journey to India, memoirs, & poems inspired by her work. Allows readers to view original poems as they first appeared in The Athenaeum.
Edited by:
August 2003
Lyrical Ballads | 1798,1800,1802,1805

This electronic edition makes available all 4 versions of Lyrical Ballads in the form of transcriptions edited from original printed copies, accompanied by images of each page. Enables active comparison of texts through Dynamic Collation.

May 2003
"Wanderings of Cain" | 1828,1834

Publishes, for the first time, all the fragments of this unfinished poem in one edition. Includes a composite reading text, piecing together all the fragments, & a parallel reading text of both Canto II and verse fragment.
Edited by:
September 2002
Sporting Sketches during a Short Stay in Hindustane | 1814

Includes MS Shelley adds.e.21 and MS Shelley adds.c.12, together comprising Williams's complete travel journal to India, here published in its entirety for the first time. Also included is a critical introduction.
Edited by:
August 2001
Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein | 1823

Includes an introduction, full text of the play, images of the 1823 cast, a bibliography and filmography, the first reviews of Presumption, & a biography of Richard Brinsley Peake.
Edited by:
April 2000
Poems | 1773

Includes transcriptions, photo reproductions of the original volume, critical apparatus, & a "Poem Web," featuring detailed commentary & contextual materials for "On a Lady's Writing."
November 1998
A John Keats Letter Rediscovered

Includes introduction, diplomatic transcription, & notes.
Edited by:
October 1998
"Verses" and The Keepsake for 1829 | 1829

Includes introduction, diplomatic transcriptions, facsimile pages, biography, bibliography, & commentary.
May 1998
Letter to the Women of England | 1799

Includes introduction, transcriptions, reviews, letters to and from Robinson, selected poems, bibliography, & notes.
March 1998
The Political House that Jack Built | 1819

Includes diplomatic transcription of the title page and Hone's verse text, as well as the poem "The Clerical Magistrate". Also offers original illustrations by George Cruikshank, a William Hone chronology, & annotated bibliography.
Edited by:
October 1997
The Last Man | 1826

Includes HTML, ASCII, and SGML versions, other works by Mary Shelley, works and excerpts from works cited by Shelley, bibliography, maps, images & sound files, critical essays, contemporary works on plague, notes.
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