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The Fall of Robespierre, Edited by Daniel E. White

55. To Robert Southey
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Address: Robert Southey | Miss Tyler's | College Green | Bristol Single
MS. British Museum. Pub. E. L. G. i. 21.
Postmark: 6 September 1794.
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Monday Morning. [1 September 1794]
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Southey! my dear Fellow! I sit down in melancholy mood — So if you find me gloomy, be not disappointed. I arrived safe after a most unpleasant Journey — I lost my Casimir on the Road.
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The day after my arrival I finished the first act — I transcribed it. — The next Morning Franklin (of Pembroke, Cam. — a ci devant Grecian of our School — so we call the first Boys) called on me and persuaded me to go with him & Breakfast with Dyer, Author of

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the Complaints of the Poor,†1 — on Subscription, & &c——I went — explained our System — he was enraptured — pronounced it impregnable — He is intimate with Dr Priestley — and doubts not, that the Doctor will join us. — He shewed me some Poetry, and I shewed him part of the first Act,†2 which I happed to have about me — He liked it hugely — it was a 'Nail, that would drive' — offered to speak to Robinson, his Bookseller——In short, he went — Rob. was in the country — he went to Johnson's & to Kearsley's — the former objected, because Dyer (who is a Reviewer) had confessedly only read the first act — / So on Saturday he called on me, and I gave him the whole to look over — and to morrow morning I breakfast with him. Hactenus de Tragoediâ.——

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