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The Devil's Walk, Edited by Neil Fraistat and Donald H. Reiman


Research for this hypertext edition has been conducted at the Library of Congress, the British Library, and the Public Record Office, and we are deeply grateful for their splendid collections and superb staffs. We are also grateful to Johns Hopkins University Press for permission to use material from our forthcoming letterpress edition, The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Research for this edition was generously supported by the Division of Research Programs of the National Endowment for the Humanities, an independent federal agency.

Our hypertext is the work of many hands. We are indebted to Catherine Hays and Ken Hargy of the College of Arts and Humanities Electronic Media Center, University of Maryland at College Park for help with The Devil's Walk photofacsimile image (taken from Ruth S. Granniss, A Descriptive Catalogue of the First Editions in Book Form of the Writings of Percy Bysshe Shelley). Lorna Ellis constructed the initial html versions of many of the documents that appear here; and Melissa Sites has contributed her skills as a formidable researcher and meticulous proofreader. Eleanor Shevlin not only secured the broadside photofacsimile, but also has worked tirelessly and proficiently in updating and constructing pages. Our friends and extraordinary colleagues at Romantic Circles, Steven E. Jones and Carl Stahmer, have provided crucial help with the design and programming. And Michael O'Neill's exemplary work on the letter version of The Devil's Walk in the The Manuscripts of the Younger Romantics Series has been quite helpful to us. Finally, closer to home, we wish to thank Helene Dworzan Reiman for her valuable contributions to our editorial work and Shawn Fraistat, who remains a constant source of technical expertise and inspiration.

Our sources are credited locally, in notes to individual files. Any other materials are in public domain or are reprinted only in limited, fair-use portions (credited locally). This hypertext is strictly for educational purposes, not to be sold, in whole or in part.

Published @ RC

September 1997