82. Robert Southey to John Horseman, [before 3 February 1794?] 

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The Collected Letters of Robert Southey Part 1: 1791-1797, Edited By Lynda Pratt

82. Robert Southey to John Horseman, [before 3 February 1794?] ⁠* 

This moment (my dear friend) have I received your letter; to express with what pleasure I receive & return your friendship were difficult, even by long study of language. at present Lightfoot &c are in the room & the scout waiting.

I am romantic & eccentric — disappointments in every circumstance of importance have not yet coold the natural ardor of my temper, your letter has excited it before sufficiently eager to deserve your friendship. believe me most sincerely yours

Robert Southey

if you are disengaged, join us this evening & bring [MS torn] with you.

[MS torn] Ball. Coll.


* Endorsement: (February 3, 1794.)/ J.H.
MS: National Library of Scotland, MS 844. ALS; 1p.
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