934. Robert Southey to Henry Herbert Southey, [1] May 1804 

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The Collected Letters of Robert Southey Part 3

934. Robert Southey to Henry Herbert Southey, [1] May 1804 ⁠* 

Dear Harry

It is at last in my power to inform you whether you are an Uncle or an Aunt, as the Irishman said. You had a niece born last night – & all is well. I can {now} arrange my own movements & tell you to arrange yours.

I shall return from London about the first week in June – if I calculate at all accurately not later than the eighth. You will find it pleasanter to find me here on your arrival, but if you come on the first there will be no inconvenience inconvenience. the house will then have relapsed into regularity.



Mayday. 1804.


* Address: For/ H. H. Southey Esqr/ to the care of Mr Guthrie – Bookseller/ Edinburgh./ Single
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
MS: Bodleian Library, MS Don. D3
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August 2013