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British War Poetry in the Age of Romanticism 1793-1815, by Betty T. Bennet, Edited by Orianne Smith

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Colin's Return to Sea
The Hull Packet, August 5, 1800
The London Chronicle, LXXXVIII (July 15, 1800), p. 57

To the Tune of "Neighbours, I've good news to tell."

[Sung at Frogmore Fete.]

Fear not, my Peggy, stormy winds, nor fear th'
    exulting foe;
'Tis glory calls, my King commands, and Colin
    now must go:
He goes, but soon will come again, enrich'd with
    gold and fame;
Nay dry those tears, my bonny lass, to weep it
    were a shame.
The crew's on board, the sails are spread, our
    conq'ring flag unfurl'd,
And England's Navy still shall be—the wonder of
    the world.

Where'er from coast to coast we sail, our praises
    fly before,
And British valour is renowned, from Ind to Lapland's
We shall no toil nor danger dread, no vain alarms we
Nor prize our lives, but as they may promote our
    country's weal.

                             The crew's on board, &c.

Our King, GOD bless him! ev'ry tar shall strive with
    heart and hand
To guard his throne, whose gentle sway protects this
    happy land.
With filial love and duty join'd, his person we'll
For every Briton finds in him—a father and a

                             The crew's on board, &c.

Then farewell, Peggy, from the mast the signals wave
    in air,
The Boatswain pipes all hands on deck, and Colin is
    not there.
My bonny lass, I love thee dear, but love my honor
In haste he kiss'd her blushing cheek, the boat for-
    sook the shore.

                             The crew's on board, &c.

And Peggy wip'd the pearly drops from eyes as black
    as flues;
May Heav'n preserve my Colin's life, (she cry'd)
    Where'er he goes;
For Heav'n can turn the balls aside when danger
    hovers near,
And trusting in its guardian care, I'll banish
    every fear:
Yet gladly shall I see again, our conq'ring flag
And hail our glorious fleet returned—the wonder
    of the world.

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