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British War Poetry in the Age of Romanticism 1793-1815, by Betty T. Bennet, Edited by Orianne Smith

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The Olive of Peace
“J. H. L. Hunt"
James Henry Leigh Hunt[1]
The Morning Chronicle (October 15, 1801)

By J. H. L. Hunt,

Author of Poems, Called ‘Juvenilia.’"

Now sheath'd is the Sword that was wild as the blast:
The Tempest of Slaughter and Terror is past;
Old ALBION her Neighbour all smilingly hails—
For the OLIVE of PEACE blooms again in our Vales!
                          Beam on the day,
                          Thou Olive gay:
                          "Matchless is he
                          Who planted thee;
    And mayst thou like him immortal be!"

Divinest of Olives, O, never was seen
A bloom so enchanting, a verdure so green!
Sweet, sweet do thy Beauties entwiningly smile
In the Vine-tree of France and the Oak of our Isle!
                          Beam on the day,
                          Thou Olive gay, &c.

Long, long did thy envied Exotic delay,
'Till the voice of HUMANITY charm'd thee away;
And here, ever here mayst thou bloom in repose,
As firm as our Oak-tree, and gay as the Rose!
                          Bloom on the day,
                          Thou Olive gay, &c.

Let ALCIDES his Poplar of Majesty prize,
And VENUS her Myrtle exalt to the skies:
FRANCE and ALBION excell all the Gods of old Greece—
For they crown their wise heads with the OLIVE of PEACE!
                          Bloom on the day,
                          Thou Olive gay, &c.

The delicate Lily may gracefully mount,
And the Pink all her charms with the Rainbow recount;
Green, green is the Olive on ALBION'S brow,
And the Lily and Pink to the Olive must bow!
                          Bloom on the day,
                          Thou Olive gay, &c.

Thou Olive divine, may Eternity's Sun
Beam warm where thy roots thro' the ages shall run;
The Dew of Affection 'light soft where they twine,
And the Love of an Universe stamp thee divine!
                          Bloom on the day,
                          Thou Olive gay:
                          "Matchless was he
                          Who planted thee;
    And mayst thou like him immortal be!"


1. This poem is not included in the collected works of Leigh Hunt.

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