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British War Poetry in the Age of Romanticism 1793-1815, by Betty T. Bennet, Edited by Orianne Smith

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The Want
“J. B.”
The Morning Chronicle (November 15, 1805)

In vain the Lordly DESPOT cries,
"I want Ships, Commerce, Colonies."
    For, ah! where shall he find them?
His MAJESTY ne'er dreamt his fleet,
Tho' British ships they chanc'd to meet,
    Would leave nineteen behind them.[1]

What tho' on land he widely reign,
And TERROR'S Empire still maintain,
    By troops in constant motion;
Let him all hope of ships forego,
And his proud soul be taught to know,
    That BRITAIN rules the ocean.


1. Trafalgar, October 21, 1805.

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