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Electronic Editions
The Siege of Gibraltar and Miscellaneous Pieces

by Upton, Catherine

Edited by
Froid, Dan
Teaching Romanticism and Literary Theory

These essays reflect on the ways contributors integrate literary theory into their teaching of Romanticism and reflect on the continued importance of literary theory to Romanticism and the work of Romanticists. Collectively the essays broach a range of questions, but perhaps most importantly: why teach Romanticism and literary theory today? How does teaching Romanticism with literary theory alter our ideas of both?

Edited by
McGrath, Brian
Praxis Series
The Prose of Romanticism

Is Romantic prose a neutral instrument of representation? Does it struggle to engage questions of experience and sensation in new ways? How should prose be understood in relation to poetic expressiveness? The essays in this volume explore Romantic prose across multiple genres as a kind of performative utterance that redraws the boundaries between the private and the social.

Edited by
Lee, Yoon Sun