An Invitation: Creating New Exhibits for the Romantic Circles Gallery

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The exhibits now on display are only the beginning. We hope that each demonstrates features of a strong gallery exhibit: 1) a strong theme or concerns in romanticism for which there is good visual and print culture material; 2) a topic that will attract or convey critical and public interest, to which the exhibit introduction and details refer; 3) a set of at least 10 images organized around a theme, with an introduction and full metadata for each image that are in turn folded into the larger database of the Gallery; 4) a bibliography of primary and critical materials relevant to the exhibit; 5) a record of permissions secured to reproduce those images in digital format (copies of those permissions will be kept at RC) ; 6) exhibit creators will use the metadata guidelines and style sheets to develop the contextual data that will be associated with each image and incorporated into the Gallery database. An editorial board of scholars will review each submitted exhibit and its metadata. If reviewers decide that the exhibit is viable and ready to go, they will recommend its inclusion. We welcome preliminary ideas for exhibits, with a brief rationale and a list of images, and will reply to indicate whether an idea is promising; however, we will approve only fully developed exhibits that include a rationale, relevant metadata, bibliography, and secured permissions.