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Course Materials for Playing the Ivanhoe Game

(in college-level Romanticism classes)

Handouts teaching students to play the game:

  1. Introduction to the Game / information about grading (a blog version, played with Frankenstein, Kirschenbaum )
  2. Introduction to the Game (a paper version, Mandell)
  3. Instructions on how to prepare for playing the game (a paper version, Mandell); these instructions require writing a paper afterwards as well
  4. Instructions for playing the game in groups (paper version, Mandell)
  5. Critical Perspectives (Rutledge, Seiffert, Felluga)

Additional Handouts:

  1. Blake and Feminism (a sample bibliography for a particular critical perspective)
  2. Blake and Marxism (a sample bibliography for a particular critical perspective)

Using IVANHOE 1.0 will enhance not only the students' capacity (and willingness) to make changes to the text, but it will also add a graphical dimension to collaborative interpretive work. We welcome submissions of assignments using that new version for future issues of the Romantic Pedagogy Commons.

Published @ RC

December 2004