Specs for the Mont Blanc Assignment

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Specs for the Mont Blanc Assignment:


We used Flash to take form data from the student and put it into variables. Those variables are referenced internally from smaller Flash movies within the larger. Flash allows the students to alter attributes (such as font, color, size and position) of the smaller files that contain the text variables.

As the student completes the assignment, those attributes are saved to an xml file to be recalled by any other visitor. When the visitor picks the student's name, the attributes associated with that name are called. The only problem is the visitor must have the same fonts on their computer that the student had when finishing the assignment. If not, the Flash movie replaces it with a generic font.

Britt Carr, Miami University (carrbc@muohio.edu)
Elizabeth Chalkeet, Miami University (chalkeet@muohio.edu)

Published @ RC

December 2004