New MOO Spaces and Designs

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New MOO Spaces and Designs

Once you are logged into the MOO, to go to a room, type @go room number.  For example @go 750 will take you to MOOzymandias.

Author Work Room # Site Name
William Blake "The Fly" 3619 & 3568 Fly
Fly: Students create their own interpretation of the image the discuss how Blake's image and text critique one another.
S.T. Coleridge Rime of the Ancient Mariner 162 Rooms of the Ancient Mariner
Mariner: A simple room by room reading of the poem from which students then create objects (such as Albatross, Dice, or Moon) that help interpret events in the selected section of the poem.
Mary Shelley Frankenstein 729 Geographies of Frankenstein
FrankenMOO: A simple replication of most of the physical spaces of the novel. Student create advanced interactive MOO rooms and objects that interpret select spaces or events. Some interpretations are attached to the geography proper while others are in a separate student space, room 4254.
P.B. Shelley "Ozymandias" 705 MOOzymandias
MOOzymandias: An interactive MOO poem utilizing Flash and video clips. To move forward in the poem, type out key terms. A maze of tunnels hold student research on the Shelley, "Ozymandias" and historical events that inspired the poem.
Wiliam Wordsworth "Poem on the Naming of Places" # 4 1922 Naming of Places
Naming of Places: A simple set of three rooms that mime the poem. Interacting in the space provides a way of thinking about the poem and the events that take place in the poem. Questions in the last room help students make sense of their adventures.

Other Sites

Work Room # Site Name
Arcade Project (Benjamin) 483 (locked) Arcade
Arcade: A series of rooms designed to enact and analyze Benjamin's Arcade Project.
Keats home 490 Virtual Keats Home
Keats Home: A virtual tour of Keats's London home. Nice pictures and text. Spend some time in the garden.
Cows & Breeding 3055 Grazing Pasture
Cows & Breeding: Fields and London shows that relate the history of cow breeding to the picturesque and into modern breeding practices. While the first room is playful, it requires some skill. If you wish to avoid this room, go directly to the London Fair, room 2765.