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Some Important LISTSERV Commands:

Send a message to the LISTSERV program of the list you wish to join. For course lists hosted at Miami, the address is:


Leave the subject line blank, and, in the text of your message, type everything, exactly as it appears below (if there are spaces, make a space), except that you will substitute your particular list name for "listname" (i.e., ENG441B) and will add in personal information for what appears in brackets (however, don't type those brackets):

  1. To Subscribe to the List: SUBSCRIBE listname [your full name, with spaces between first and last names]
  2. To Sign Off the List: SIGNOFF listname
  3. To Temporarily Suspend Mail (while you are on vacation, etc.): SET NOMAIL
  4. To Get Mail Again (upon your return): SET MAIL
  5. To Get A List of Members of the Email Discussion Group and their email addresses: REVIEW listname
  6. To Find out your Subscription Options as they are now: QUERY listname
  7. To Change your Options:
    SET listname [and then one or more of the following:]
    ACK/NOACK Acknowledgments for posting
    CONCEAL/NOCONCEAL Hide yourself from REVIEW
    REPRO/NOREPRO Copy of your own postings
  8. To Change your Email Address: CHANGE listname [your new address] (If you are participating in a number of lists administered by the same server, you can change your email address for all of them at once: CHANGE * [your new address].)