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Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Sonnets Cited in _The Last Man_ | The Last Man
Siegel, Jonah
Response: Mere Antiquarianism | Romantic Antiquarianism
Sigler, David
Dale Townshend, The Orders of Gothic: Foucault, Lacan, and the Subject of Gothic Writing 1764-1820 | Reviews
Simmons, Michele
Adapting: Online Learning Environments, Visual Pedagogy, and Active Learners, by W. Michele Simmons | Innovations
Simpson, David
Is Literary History the History of Everything? The Case for "Antiquarian" History* | Romanticism & Contemporary Culture
The Wordsworth Circle, Special Issue in Honor of Karl Kroeber | Scholarly Resources
Singer, Kate
NASSR/Romantic Circles Pedagogy Contest | Pedagogies
Siskin, Clifford
Siskin, "The Business of Romanticism" - "Romanticism" in Crisis | Conference Archive
Smiles, Sam
Discursive Modes in the Antiquarian Image: Irish Antiquities in the 1840s | Romantic Antiquarianism
Snodgrass, Charles
Romanticism: The CD-ROM. edited by David Miall and Duncan Wu | Reviews
Solomonescu, Yasmin
Introduction | John Thelwall: Critical Reassessments
Sorensen, Janet
Susan Manning, Fragments of Union: Making Connections in Scottish and American Writing | Reviews
Spector, Sheila A.
Spector, Alroy as Disraeli's 'Ideal Ambition' | Wondrous Tale of Alroy
Paul Davies, Romanticism & Esoteric Tradition: Studies in Imagination | Reviews
Speitz, Michele
Speitz, "Blood Sugar and Salt Licks: Corroding Bodies and Preserving Nations in The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave, Related by Herself" | Circulations: Romanticism and the Black Atlantic
Spenser, Edmund
Sonnets Cited in _The Last Man_ | The Last Man
Stahmer, Carl
The Percy Bysshe Shelley Chronology
Stanback, Emily B.
Disability and Dissent: Thelwall’s Elocutionary Project | John Thelwall: Critical Reassessments
Stauder, Ellen Keck
Darkness Audible: Negative Capability and Mark Doty’s "Nocturne in Black and Gold" | Romanticism and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics
Stauffer, Andrew
Stauffer, "Romantic Anger and Byron's Curse" | Romantic Passions
Stein, Atara
Immortals and Vampires and Ghosts, Oh My!: Byronic Heroes in Popular Culture | Romanticism & Contemporary Culture
Stein, Commentary on Tim Powers | Fictional Representations of Romantics & Romanticism
Steinman, Lisa M.
Introduction | Romanticism and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics
Stevenson, W. H.
Stevenson, "The Ends of Editing" | Editing And Reading Blake
Stewart, Garrett
Stewart, "Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian" | “Soundings of Things Done”: The Poetry and Poetics of Sound in the Romantic Ear and Era
Stiklus, Bob
About this Resource | Shelley Sites/Sights
Stillinger, Jack
Stillinger, "Fifty-nine Ways of Reading 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'" | 'Ode on a Grecian Urn': Hypercanonicity and Pedagogy
Stroup, William
Reading the Field Marks of Poetry | Romanticism, Ecology and Pedagogy
Henry Salt on Shelley: Literary Criticism and Ecological Identity | Romanticism and Ecology
Selected Bibliography of Henry Stephens Salt | Romanticism and Ecology
Sun, Emily
Your Friends and Lovers: Perfectionism’s Recounting of Romanticism | Stanley Cavell and the Event of Romanticism
"What is Poetry in the Theater of Biopolitics?" | Romanticism and Biopolitics
Sussman, Charlotte
Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation: Writings in the British Romantic Period. Eds. Peter Kitson and Debbie Lee | Reviews
Swann, Karen
Shelley's Pod People | Romanticism and the Insistence of the Aesthetic
Sweet, Nanora
Sweet, "Hemans, Heber, and Superstition and Revelation" | Romantic Passions
A Tour of The Sceptic | The Sceptic; A Poem: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue
Gender and Genre | The Sceptic; A Poem: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue
"A darkling plain": Hemans, Byron and The Sceptic; A Poem | The Sceptic; A Poem: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue
Scepticism and Its Costs: Hemans's Reading of Byron | The Sceptic; A Poem: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue
Sweet, Commentary on Theodore Roszak | Fictional Representations of Romantics & Romanticism
English 495 - Romanticism and Gender | Online Syllabi
English 470 - Gender, Literacy, and Romantic Prose | Online Syllabi
Szwydky, Lissette Lopez
Szwydky, "Rewriting the History of Black Resistance: The Haitian Revolution, Jamaican Maroons and the “History” of Three-Fingered Jack in English Popular Culture, 1799-1830" | Circulations: Romanticism and the Black Atlantic
Matthew S. Buckley, Tragedy Walks the Streets: The French Revolution in the Making of Modern Drama | Reviews
Tanter, Marcy L.
Tanter, "Introduction" | The 'Honourable Characteristic of Poetry': Two Hundred Years of Lyrical Ballads
Taylor, Susan B.
Taylor, "Irish Odalisques and Other Seductive Figures:Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh" | The Containment and Re-deployment of English India
Taylor, Barbara
The Sceptic: A Poem For Its Time? | The Sceptic; A Poem: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue
Taylor, Anya
David P. Haney, The Challenge of Coleridge: Ethics and Interpretation in Romanticism and Modern Philosophy | Reviews
Teltscher, Kate
Teltscher, "Colonial Correspondence: The Letters of George Bogle from Bengal, Bhutan and Tibet, 1770-81" | The Containment and Re-deployment of English India
Temple, Kathryn
Temple, "The Angry Owner: Samuel Richardson, Modern Authorship and the Ancient Romance" | Romanticism and the Law