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Haney, David P.
Haney, "Hermeneutics for Sophomores" | 'Ode on a Grecian Urn': Hypercanonicity and Pedagogy
Harris, James T.
Alexander S. Gourlay, ed., Prophetic Character: Essays on William Blake in Honor of John E. Grant | Reviews
Harrison, Gary
Romanticism, Nature, Ecology | Romanticism, Ecology and Pedagogy
Romanticism, Nature, Ecology Syllabus | Online Syllabi
Tim Fulford, Landscape, Liberty and Authority: Poetry, Criticism and Politics from Thomson to Wordsworth | Reviews
Harshbarger, Scott
Harshbarger, "National Demons: Robert Burns, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and the Folk in the Forest" | Sullen Fires Across the Atlantic: Essays in Transatlantic Romanticism
Hartman, Anne
Extract from Debating Confession: The Poetics of Self-expression, 1815-1850, an unpublished Ph. D. thesis (University of London, 2001). | The Sceptic; A Poem: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue
Hartman, Geoffrey
Redfield, "Wordsworth, Poetry, Romanticism: An Interview with Geoffrey Hartman" | Geoffrey Hartman and Harold Bloom: Two Interviews
Harvey, Samantha
The Idea of Nature in Transatlantic Romanticism | NASSR/Romantic Circles Pedagogy Contest
Hawkins, Ann R.
William J. P. Neish, The Speaking Eye: Byron's Aberdeen – Places, People and a Poem | Reviews
Haywood, Ian
"Paper Promises: Restriction, Caricature, and the Ghost of Gold" | Romanticism, Forgery and the Credit Crunch
"The Infection of Robert Bloomfield: Terrorizing The Farmer’s Boy" | Robert Bloomfield: The Inestimable Blessing of Letters
Heinowitz, Rebecca Cole
Heinowitz, "The Allure of the Same: Robert Southey's Welsh Indians and the Rhetoric of Good Colonialism" | Sullen Fires Across the Atlantic: Essays in Transatlantic Romanticism
Henitiuk, Valerie
From Pre-Modern Japan to the 21st-Century World: Comparative Translation in the Classroom | Translation Theory / Pedagogical Practice: Teaching Romantic Translation(s)
Heringman, Noah
Romantic Antiquarianism: Introduction | Romantic Antiquarianism
Heringman, "'Manlius to Peter Pindar': Satire, Patriotism, and Masculinity in the 1790s" | Romanticism and Patriotism: Nation, Empire, Bodies, Rhetoric
Hess, Scott
Eng. 355, Fall '05: Nature and Gender in British and American Romanticism | Online Syllabi
Three "Natures": Teaching Romantic Ecology in the Poetry of William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth, and John Clare | Romanticism, Ecology and Pedagogy
Eng. 355, Spring '04: Nature, Class, and Identity in British Romanticism | Online Syllabi
Hewitt, Regina L.
The Wordsworth Circle, Special Issue in Honor of Karl Kroeber | Scholarly Resources
Hewitt, "Joanna Baillie's Ecotopian Comedies" | Utopianism and Joanna Baillie
Hewitt, "Utopianism and Joanna Baillie: A Preface to Converging Revolutions" | Utopianism and Joanna Baillie
Heydt-Stevenson, Jillian
"Pleasure is now, and ought to be, your business": Stealing Sexuality in Jane Austen's Juvenilia | Historicizing Romantic Sexuality
Richard E. Matlak, The Poetry of Relationship: The Wordsworths and Coleridge, 1797–1800 | Reviews
Hickey, Alison
Nicola Trott and Seamus Perry, eds. 1800: The New "Lyrical Ballads." Romanticism in Perspective: Texts, Cultures, Histories | Reviews
Hill, Rosemary
The Antiquary at Home | Romantic Antiquarianism
Hilton, Nelson
Golgonooza Text | Digital Designs on Blake
Hoeveler, Diane Long
Smoke and Mirrors: Internalizing the Magic | Gothic Technologies: Visuality in the Romantic Era
Talking About Virtue: Paisiello's 'Nina,' Paër's 'Agnese,' and the Sentimental Ethos | Romanticism and Opera
James Watt, Contesting the Gothic: Fiction, Genre and Cultural Conflict, 1764–1832 | Reviews
Hogle, Jerrold E.
Introduction | Frankenstein's Dream
Directing Obi in 2000 | Obi
Hollet, Tyler
Ian Baucom, Specters of the Atlantic | Reviews
Hoskins, Robert
Savage Boundaries: Reading Samuel Arnold's Score | Obi
Hothem, Thomas
Surveying the Literary Landscape: The Romantic Anthology as Environment | Romanticism, Ecology and Pedagogy
English 217 - "Placing" Romanticism Syllabus | Online Syllabi
Hunt, Alastair
"Introduction: The Romantic Rhetoric of Life" | Romanticism and Biopolitics
Hutchings, Kevin
Gender, Environment, and Imperialism in William Blake's Visions of the Daughters of Albion | Romanticism and Ecology
James C. McKusick, Green Writing: Romanticism and Ecology | Reviews
Christopher Z. Hobson, Blake and Homosexuality | Reviews
Iantorno, Luke
Karen Fang, Romantic Writing and the Empire of Signs: Periodical Culture and Post-Napoleonic Authorship | Reviews
Jackson, H.J.
What Was Mr. Bennet Doing in his Library, and What Does It Matter? | Romantic Libraries
Jacobus, Mary
Jacobus, "The Ordinary Sky: Wordsworth, Blanchot, and the Writing of Disaster" | Romantic Psyche and Psychoanalysis
Jager, Colin
Jager, "Can We Talk About Consciousness Again?: (Emergence, Natural Piety, Wordsworth)" | Romantic Frictions
Jager, "Byron and Romantic Occidentalism" | Secularism, Cosmopolitanism, and Romanticism
Jager, "Introduction" | Secularism, Cosmopolitanism, and Romanticism
Paul Hamilton, Metaromanticism: Aesthetics, Literature, Theory | Reviews
Janowitz, Anne
Nicholas Roe, John Keats and the Culture of Dissent | Reviews
Jarrells, Anthony
Kevin Gilmartin, Writing Against Revolution: Literary Conservatism in Britain, 1790-1832 | Reviews
Jefferson, David
Ian Baucom, Specters of the Atlantic | Reviews