Grimes, "Beyond the Paper Chase: Building a Comprehensive Online Romantics Bibliography--A Progress Report: Critical Approach Table"

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Critical Approach Table, Romantic Circles Bibliography

  • Bibliographical: Archival Reading

  • Bibliographical: Edition, Textual Scholarship
  • Bibliographical: Influence, Reception, Reputation
  • Bibliographical: Source/Intertextuality Study
  • Formalist: Close Reading
  • Formalist: Structuralist, Linguistic
  • Historicist: Biographical, Psychological, Psychoanalytic
  • Historicist: Historical or New Historical
  • Historicist: Ideological or Cultural-Materialist
  • Historicist: Philosophical or History of Ideas
  • Social: Ecological or Green Romantic Study
  • Social: Feminist Study
  • Social: Gender, Subjectivity, Sexuality, Body
  • Social: Psychological or Psychoanalytic Study
  • Professional: Pedagogy or Pedagogical
  • Professional: Reference, Bibliography, Encyclopedia, etc.
  • Professional: University life, prof. Status, Canon