Commentary on Tim Powers

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Fictional Representations of Romantics and Romanticism

Commentary on Tim Powers

On 10 Feb 1997 Atara Stein wrote to NASSR list: "Tim Powers (author of The Anubis Gates and The Stress of her Regard) paid a visit to my Romanticism class about a year ago. The source of Stress was reading about Shelley drowning with a copy of Keats' poems open to "Lamia" in his pocket. As he put it, "I can work with this!" He also read aloud the boat-stealing passage from The Prelude as an example of the type of the sense of the uncanny that he tries to create in his novels--the kind of thing that makes your spine tingle although you can't explain why. He had a 2nd or 3rd edition of the Norton Anthology with him to read from. Undoubtedly he had some impact on my students' perceptions of Wordsworth!"


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August 2002