London - St. Pancras

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Shelley Sites/Sights

London - St. Pancras

Old Saint Pancras Church (there are two Saint Pancras Churches in the area, Old and "New" Saint Pancras—Old Pancras is on Pancras Road between Pancras Way and the St. Pancras train station) still stands, along with the original gravesite of Mary Wollstonecraft, where Shelley was said to have wooed and won her daughter.
William Godwin and his second wife were later buried here as well; however, Godwin's and Wollstonecraft's bodies were eventually moved to the Shelley family plot at Bournemouth.
There they joined Mary Shelley; her only surviving child, Percy Florence; and—according to legend—Percy Shelley’s heart (or liver).
Legend has it that as a child, young Mary Godwin visited the site regularly with her father, and learned her alphabet by tracing the letters on her mother's tombstone (note to the morbidly curious such as I: J, Q, X, and Z are the only missing letters).

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January 2006