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Greystoke Castle

Roughly fifteen miles from Chestnut Cottage is Greystoke Castle. This was the home of Shelley’s friend and ally the Duke of Norfolk, who helped the young man engineer a temporary reconciliation with his father (and, perhaps more importantly, an allowance of two hundred pounds a year).
Shelley and Harriet spent a week visiting the Duke, and enjoyed themselves tremendously. Although very little of the present castle existed in Shelley’s day (there were two remodelings in 1836 and a Great Fire in 1868), he would have visited the ancient pele tower (above left) and rambled over the lovely grounds.
Inquiries should be directed to Neville and Joanie Howard, Greystoke Castle, Penrith, Cumbria (phone: 017684 83722, fax: 017634 83072)

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