Rome Residences

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Rome Residences

The Shelleys had several Rome addresses.
In the winter 1818, the party arrived in Rome and spent a week enjoying the sights before returning to the gloom of Naples. They stayed at 8 Via del Sediari, just off the Piazza Navona (with its celebrated fountains).
After an unhappy three-month stay in Naples, the Shelleys returned to Rome in early March 1819, renting rooms in the Palazzo Verospi at number 300 Corso. The Corso was one of the more fashionable addresses in Rome--and still is. Today, the long narrow boulevard is still crammed with banks, expensive shops, and hotels. Number 300 is far south, very close to the Piazza Venezia.
Shelley's home away from home was number 310 Corso, the residence of aged painter/author/bluestocking Signora Marianna Dionigna. Her salon was the center of the Shelleys' social milieu.
In May of 1819 the Shelleys moved to number 65 Via Sestina residence, close to to the Trinita del Monti at the top of the Spanish Steps.

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January 2006