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Quarterly Review Archive


[1] [number in left margin]
Each article is assigned a serial number (from 1-733). It appears in bold at the far left of each entry in the index pages. These serial numbers were first assigned in Shine, The Quarterly Review Under Gifford (1949)
Serial numbers in the evidence section are indicated by this symbol
Bodleian Library MS.
Bodleian Library, Oxford University (various Department of Western Manuscripts)
British Library, London (various Additional Manuscripts)
Book Loans
Two bond notebooks preserved in the Murray Archives record John Murray II's loans of books to prospective contributors
Cash Book
John Murray II's cash accounts preserved in the Murray Archives
Clements Library MS. lists
John Wilson Croker's holograph lists of Quarterly Review articles preserved at the William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Jonathan Cutmore, Contributors to the Quarterly Review: A History, 1809-25 (London: Pickering and Chatto, 2008)
Devon MS.
Papers of Edward Copleston deposited with the Devon Public Record Office, Devon (MSS. 1149M)
Dictionary of National Biography
Harewood MS.
Canning Papers owned by the Earl of Harewood and deposited with the Leeds District Archives, Sheepscar Branch, Leeds
John Murray II (1778-1843), founding publisher
JM II's marked QR
In the Murray Archives is a complete file of the Quarterly Review, some volumes of which have been annotated by JM II
John Murray III (1808-92) compiler of a so-called Register identifying contributors to the Quarterly Review
JM III's Register
Called the Murray Register in Shine and the Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals (see entry above)
Murray MS. and Murray Archives
Archives of John Murray (Publishers), 50 Albemarle Street, London
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh (Sir Walter Scott Papers)
Hill Shine and Helen Chadwick Shine, The Quarterly Review Under Gifford (1949), an earlier effort to identify contributors to the Quarterly Review
William Gifford (1756-1826), founding editor

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February 2005